Working as an interior designer can have its ups and downs, but there’s nothing better than seeing the joy on a client’s face when they see a finished room. At Accent Lighting in Wichita, we’ve worked with many designers who were looking for that perfect light fixture or piece of home decor, and we can help you with your next project. Visit us today to get started!

Offering Complete Service

When you’re designing a home, you want to be able to offer your client a complete package, from the initial plans to the finishing touches. At Accent, we take the same approach, offering designers complete service that helps them find the appropriate lighting and decor for every room, and making it easy for them to present their clients with an abundance of choices. If a designer has a question about a fixture, or they’re bringing a somewhat ambiguous request from their client, we can help them settle on the best option.

Budgeting and Planning

One of the biggest challenges that an interior designer can face is working within a client’s set budget. The client may have grandiose plans for their home, but their budget doesn’t allow for everything they have in mind. The designer is then tasked with coming up with a plan that fits both the client’s vision and their budget. Our staff of experts can help provide lighting options that match the style the client wants, without breaking the bank.

If you’re an interior designer in the Wichita area and you have a new project that involves new lighting, then please visit our showroom today. We have the knowledge and experience that can help you provide your client with outstanding service and selection, and we can provide guidance and assistance whenever you need.

We look forward to meeting you!