What do you get when contemporary and modern styles come together in perfect harmony? The answer: Transitional. This style combines the warmth of traditional with the brightness of contemporary… and we haven’t noted any objections!

Simple silhouettes and tone-on-tone palettes create a crisp, serene atmosphere. While no marriage is perfect… this one certainly comes close! A balance of masculinity and femininity is used to unite the two styles through the mixture of straight and curvy lines which then craft furnishings with a comfortable yet contemporary design. Imagine a bed-frame with a slight curve joining the outer legs. Subtle yet elegant. Now imagine lighting in the same way. Look for fixtures that maintain a traditional shape yet include simplified, sophisticated details. With warm neutrals coloring the walls, lighting also serves as a bright design element. Look for finishes like Chrome and Nickel to add in light and maintain simplicity. If you’re wanting a warmer tone, try a Bronze finish.  A mix of textures is what binds the two looks into one. Use lighting to add texture and interest by choosing a pendant with a decorative fabric shade.

So while we may not have the recipe for the perfect marriage… we do have the recipe for the perfect marriage of two styles:

Straight lines mixed with curvy profiles + warm neutrals + textured materials = Transitional Perfection!

Happy pairing!