Proper airflow and circulation can make your home much more comfortable, but without the right ceiling fans, you might be suffering through the heat of the current Kansas summer. With temperatures climbing ever closer to triple digits in Wichita, it’s important that your home’s fans are working properly and adequately circulating air throughout your home. At Accent Lighting, we can help you find the ideal replacements for your outdated or malfunctioning fans.

Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

When used in conjunction with your air conditioning, ceiling fans can help keep your energy costs low, since cool air is adequately circulated throughout the house. You shouldn’t have to set the thermostat as low as your normally would, and your AC shouldn’t have to work as hard, even on the hottest of summer days. Fans also help with indoor air quality, since they constantly move air, instead of it simply rising to the ceiling as it becomes warmer. If the weather allows you to open your windows and turn off the AC, ceiling fans can move air through the house and disperse any allergens that find their way inside.

Fans as a Focal Point

Ceiling fans not only provide functionality, they can also serve as the main focal point of a room. You want your fan to match the aesthetic and decor of the room, as well as be appropriately sized for the space. Size plays a role in both form and functionality, since a fan that’s too small won’t adequately cool a room, and a fan that’s too large can overwhelm a space. We carry a number of fan sizes and styles, and will gladly help you choose the right one for your home.

If you’re shopping for new ceiling fans in Wichita, come to Accent Lighting today!