Summer will soon be here, and in the Wichita area, that often means heat and humidity. At Accent Lighting, we know how important it is for you and your family to be comfortable during the summer, especially when you’re in the living room or your bedroom. With our selection of new ceiling fans, you can find the perfect option for these two important spaces. Visit our showroom today to get started!

The Living Room

The living room is a prime spot in the summertime. Whether you’re having people over for a party or the kids are hanging out there after being outside, it’s important for the living room to be at a consistent temperature. A new fan can help with that!

Summer Parties

Once the kids are out of school, you may take some time off of work to spend a few days with them. You may also start thinking about having people over for parties, such as friends or relatives you haven’t seen in several months. These gatherings usually end up with lots of people in the living room, and while your air conditioner is working to keep the house cool, the addition of extra bodies can make the space warmer and less comfortable.

By adding or updating your living room ceiling fan, you can help make sure that the area stays cool. Proper airflow and circulation will help the room feel a few degrees cooler, and when you have 15 to 20 people in there, a few degrees can make a big difference.

One thing you’ll also want to think about when it comes to your living room is the noise that it makes. It can be hard to have a conversation with a friend or relative when the fan overhead is squeaking or squealing. If you need a new motor housing, new fan blades, or a new fixture altogether, you can find it in our lighting store.

Relief from the Heat

Since the kids are out of school, you’ll likely make them play outside for at least a few hours each day, if for no other reason than to burn off all of their extra energy. However, once the heat and humidity of July sets in, it’s important that they can find relief from the sun. They’ll likely come in and flop down on the living room couch to watch TV or play video games, and having a new ceiling fan can make the space cooler and more comfortable. If the room is already at a good temperature, then it will be less likely that one of the kids will adjust the thermostat and make the air conditioner run longer than it should.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is where you sleep in on summer weekends and stay up late watching your favorite movies and shows on Friday and Saturday nights. With a new ceiling fan, you can keep the room comfortable, no matter what time of day or night it is.

Can’t Sleep in the Heat

Even if you have central air conditioning, a fan that provides proper air circulation helps keep the bedroom cool at night. You may be someone who can’t sleep in a hot room, and updating your fan could help you sleep better all summer long. Depending on where your bedroom is in the house, it may get lots of afternoon sunshine during the summer, which can cause the space to warm up considerably before the sun sets. If your bedroom has south- or west-facing windows, then it’s important to make sure your fan is in good condition (and that you have some good curtains or blinds to block the afternoon sun).

Perfect for Weekend Mornings

If you sleep in or lounge in bed on the weekends during the summer, then you don’t want the room to be too warm during this time of day, either. Whether you take your time getting up in the morning, or you sit in bed and browse the internet on your phone before you get up and start your day, you want the room to feel pleasant. A ceiling fan with varying speeds will let you set the rotation where you want it, and a remote will let you dim or raise the lights as desired. We have plenty of fan controls to choose from, and we’d love to help you find the right options for your home.

Find Your New Fans Today

Our online catalog is filled with fantastic ceiling fan options, and you can create a wishlist of your favorite fixtures and then send it to our store. When you come in, we’ll show you the fans that you chose and help you decide which ones are best for your home. We carry hugger fans, dual-motor fans, and even outdoor ceiling fans. Visit us today to find your new fans and have a cool and comfortable summer.

We look forward to seeing you soon!