Retro yet modern. Eccentric yet functional. Mid-century Modern was born after World War II and has recently grown in appreciation. These homes embrace simplicity and nature with their large glass windows, unique shapes, and bold geometric patterns. We’ve dug into the history and resurfaced the key characteristics that make up mid-century modern, so strap in… you’re in for a smooth ride!

P.S. This might have been the ONLY history lesson we’ve actually enjoyed diving into 😉

Here are the four main characteristics trending under mid-century modern:

1) Flat Planes and Glass. Houses are built stark and exact… leaving no question that the home’s geometry is constructed with simplicity in mind. Flat roofs are common and long, clean lines are employed throughout the entire home. Furniture is crafted in a modern, space-age design and sparsely used within the interior. Glass is incorporated in large amounts whether it be with the materials dressing the space or with grand windows surrounding the space…. glass is the go-to for a mid-century modern home. Lighting provides a prime opportunity to incorporate eccentric, unique glass shapes. View the MOD wall-sconce. The orb glass encasing the slender, exposed Edison bulb might have gained it’s inspiration straight from the head of an astronaut… but it’s sure to make an impression on your guests.

2) Unexpected Color Combo’s. Few accent pieces are selected due to this style’s minimalist nature but this only emphasizes the importance of the style’s overall design. The lucky few accents that do make the cut tend to be bold and colorful, providing just the right amount of quirky flair to the space. Browns with blues… yellows with purples… anything goes when it comes to accentuating the space. When incorporating this trend, don’t forget about your lighting fixtures. Mixed metals and finish colors are the perfect way to enhance and modernize your lighting. Take a look at the Foton mini-pendant and Astor pendant below. Each is dressed in various mixed metals, Graphite with Brushed Nickel to Antique Brass and Black Marble, giving both the Foton and Astor pendants a sheer look that’s out-of-this-world!

3) One with Nature. Elements such as wood, marble, stone mosaics are welcomed and integrated into almost every element of the design. As mentioned before, grand windows run the show as the mid-century lifestyle relies heavily on accessibility and appreciation of the great outdoors. Enjoy open windows that let in the morning sun and the windy breezes featured in each one of your rooms. Mid-century Modern homes also incorporate multiple entrance/exit points…. yet another trick to get you one with nature! Add another natural element into the interior of your home with a nature-inspired light fixture. The Danika pendant provides a subtle touch of nature with the wood accent wrapped above the curved hood. If you’re looking for an organic statement piece, try the Passport linear chandelier. It’s bold, rounded wood frame introduces a modern agrarian element creating the perfect ambiance for a mid-century modern home.

4) Diverse Elevation. Split-level spaces are commonly found in mid-century homes along with partial walls and cabinets with varying heights. This creates depth within the space and intensifies the space-age vibe. To create additional contrast, try lighting fixtures that in their own way, defy gravity. The Ion and Zodiac chandeliers introduce an interesting element to any mid-century modern design and maintain the sleek style of a modern, space-aged element.

So go ahead. Blast-off into the future… with style! Incorporate mid-century modern accents and elements into your own home and watch your space come to life. View our selection for trending, mid-century modern lighting below. Happy designing!

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