Be vibrant, free, and unique – channel your inner boho-chic. Bright colors, rich textiles, and mixed patterns characterize the bohemian lifestyle. If you’re one of our non-conformist, free-spirited friends out there… we promise, no rules will be given during this style spotlight. The Bohemian lifestyle is all about rejecting rules so instead, let’s recycle the rules into design “tips”. In other words, we can’t offer a formula that will create the ultimate bohemian look BUT we can provide some tips for how to incorporate your bold and daring personality into your lighting and home accents.

Look to incorporate vibrant colors like mustard yellow, burnt orange, and hot pink. These color’s provide rich and vibrant hues sure to catch any and every eye. Accent with gold and explore various shapes and sizes when looking for furniture and decor. As far as furniture, don’t settle for a handful of pillows covering your floor. Opt instead for low-seating furniture with plush, colorful cushion. You don’t have to be uncomfortable in order to stay with the theme. Combine culturally-inspired pieces (like a dream catcher) with earthy, stationary pieces (think stone backsplashes, brickwood floors, and stone mosaics). Remember this: Be bright and cheery but don’t forget about your earthly vibe. Mesh the two and your space will be perfectly bohemian!

Now onto the best part… lighting your bohemian dream. After all, what’s the point of decorating with bright hues and rich textiles if your guests can’t see them? To obtain the true, energetic vibe… lighting is a necessity BUT you certainly don’t have to settle for lighting that doesn’t follow the same bohemian design. Here’s how you do it:

1) Experiment with shapes. When it comes to clear glass, lighting designers have started crafting glass with curved, sculptured shapes. Going bohemian means branching out from the traditional and embracing the odd and eccentric. Find eye-catching, geometric shapes and let lighting become each room’s focal point. Pieces like the Cazbah pendant and Indi chandelier are perfect examples of statement lighting pieces that embrace unique shapes.

2) Captivate with color. While this style encourages color in every nook and cranny, you have to consider the fact that most of the decorating happens on the ground to mid-level. With so much going on, the eye will be constantly going back and forth simply trying to take it all in. This is where captivating lighting becomes crucial. Finding lighting fixtures clothed in gold or crystal will give the eye a reason to travel towards the ceiling thus providing a cohesive look throughout the entire space. For this purpose, we’ve picked the Sway chandelier and Milan wall sconce. Both of these fixtures feature rich color and eye catching elements sure to draw the eye away from the ground-level.

3) Embellish with pattern. Walls draped in colorful textiles and hanging pieces are a classic indication of the Bohemian style. Let lighting play a similar role. Embellish your space with patterns and intricate designs covering your light fixtures. Fun and funky textures pair well with bohemian rugs and upholstery. Try out pieces such as the Allison flush mount. The emperor style caged provides an interesting detail to any space brimming with bright design.

If you’ve created a bohemian paradise, you’re a true artist. You incorporate beauty and interesting pieces that capture the attention of your guests. Think of lighting in the same way. There are no rules, no restrictions. Look for fixtures that will enhance your already artistic space. See our picks for boho-chic lighting below and as always, happy designing!