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Dining Room Lighting Trends

The dining room can be a unique place in your home, with it being used for all types of purposes, from dining to bookkeeping to homework. No matter how you use your dining room, it’s important to have the proper lighting so that you can see what you’re doing while also creating the perfect atmosphere for any purpose. At Accent Lighting in Wichita, we can help you find the perfect dining room lighting, including a new chandelier, new wall sconces, and more. Whether you’re building a new home or hoping to upgrade your current dining room, our showroom is a great place to start.

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The Dining Room Chandelier

Dining rooms come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing that they all have in common is the chandelier. This central fixture is the focal point of every dining room, and its purpose is not only to provide ample ambient lighting, but also to inform how the rest of the room is designed. When picking a new dining room chandelier, it’s important to keep a few things in mind, including the dimensions of the space and the shape of your dining room table.

Finding Your Chandelier

Before you begin looking for a new chandelier, it’s a good idea to measure the length and width of your dining room. This will give you the square footage of the space, which you can use when picking out a new light fixture. You don’t want a chandelier that’s too big or too small for the space, as that will impact how much lighting you have and how balanced the room feels once everything is in place.

As for the dining room table, its size and shape is often determined by the size and shape of the room itself. If you have a long, narrow dining room, then the table tends to be long and narrow as well. If the room is wide or rounded, then the table can be that shape. As for matching the chandelier to the table, you can choose a light that is more linear to match the length of the table, or you can go with a rounded fixture to match a more rounded table.

Installing Your New Chandelier

Once you’ve decided on which chandelier you want, you can begin thinking about how to install it. This job is often best left to a professional electrician, but you can be involved in the height and placement of the light. The height of your ceiling will determine how far down the chandelier will hang, but ultimately, you want it to be at least 30 to 36 inches above the top of your dining room table. This will ensure that people can see the person across from them when seated at the table and won’t bump into the fixture when they stand up from their chair.

If your dining room has a tall or vaulted ceiling, you can raise the chandelier higher so that it’s centered between the ceiling and the table. A good method to follow is for every foot of ceiling height above 8 feet, raise the chandelier 3 inches higher. For example, if the ceiling is 10 feet high, you can hang the chandelier 36 to 42 inches above the dining table. If you have any questions about chandelier installation, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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Dining Room Accent Lighting

While the chandelier is the central fixture in the dining room, it’s not the only light source for the space. Accent lighting is key when it comes to creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, and there are a few options to choose from for your home. Wall sconces, lamps, and track lighting can all be incorporated into your dining room lighting design, and we can provide guidance on which options are best for your vision.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a great lighting choice for many rooms, and the dining room in particular. These fixtures will provide light for the middle layer of the room, making the space feel more intimate. As for where to install each sconce, it’s important to make sure there’s enough room between the wall and the table so that guests don’t bump into the fixtures as they make their way to their chair. If your dining room is narrow, you can add the sconces in the corners, leaving more space along the walls.

Floor and Table Lamps

Lamps might seem a bit out of place in a dining room, but they can be a part of your lighting design when used in the proper way. If there’s a corner that could use a little more light, consider adding an upright floor lamp. If you have a sideboard or buffet table for serving, add a small table lamp or a desk lamp for additional task and accent lighting.

Track Lighting

If you want to display a favorite photograph or painting in your dining room, then track lighting can be a good option. These fixtures will highlight any artwork or decor you want your guests to see, while also adding some more accent lighting to the space. When installing them on the ceiling, make sure they don’t encroach on the chandelier or diminish the central fixture’s impact on the room.

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Dining Room Lighting Controls

When it comes to your dining room lighting controls, you’ll want to choose options that make it as easy as possible to turn on the lights you need, as well as set the mood for any occasion. Switches near the door are the best way to go, and you can also include dimmer switches for more versatile lighting.

Dimmer Switches

You can add dimmer switches for both your dining room chandelier and wall sconces, giving you more control over your light levels based on mood, time of day, or special occasion. Each fixture or set of fixtures can have its own dimmer, and you can have each switch near the door or near the fixtures it controls.

Smart Lighting Controls

If you’re someone who’s interested in home automation and smart lighting controls, the dining room can be a great choice. You can program your lights to turn on a certain level, as well as create themes such as “dinner party” or “holiday feast,” and your lights will be set at the appropriate levels each time you have guests. You’ll be able to control your lights through a wall panel, with your phone, and even with your voice!

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Find Your New Dining Room Lights

If you’ve been thinking about your dining room lighting for some time now, or you’ve just moved into a new home and want to replace all of the light fixtures, Accent Lighting is here to help. Our Wichita showroom is filled with the latest trends and styles, and we carry fixture options from the world’s leading lighting brands, including Hinkley, Kichler, and Quoizel. You can visit our store, or you can shop in our online catalog for chandeliers, wall sconces, and more, and we’ll make sure everything is shipped to you quickly and safely.

When you’re shopping for new dining room lights, we hope that you’ll let us help you choose the perfect fixtures. No matter how big or small your dining room is, or what lighting styles you prefer, we can recommend outstanding options that fit your space, your vision, and your budget.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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