No room is complete without the right home decor, and at Accent Lighting in Wichita, we have a great selection of accents and accessories from which to choose. If you’re rearranging or redesigning a room, then let us help you choose the decor that will make the space look and feel the way you want. You might be looking for a piece to act as the focal point of a room, or you may want accents for a new shelf that you’re building – whatever the case, we can provide the perfect options. Read the posts below for tips and advice on home decor, and when you’re ready to shop, visit our showroom!

  1. Working with an Interior Designer

    If you have an eye for design, you most likely feel comfortable tackling the decor planning and layout for your new home. If you feel that you aren’t quite capable of choosing the perfect accents and furnishings, you may hire an interior designer to help. Regardless of your design and layout capab…Read More

  2. Planning Your New Home Decor

    When picking out new home decor, it often makes the most sense to go room by room, planning each space around a theme or a particular focal point. At Accent Lighting, our interior design experts have helped many new homeowners find the decor they wanted, and on several occasions, have helped them di…Read More