Elegance is timeless. Hear us when we say this: There is nothing wrong with being traditional. Today’s designers have forged a familiar path between the classic look we’ve all loved at one time with a little risk that we all need from time to time. The tried and true traditional style hasn’t replaced it’s key characteristics. It will always favor warm paint colors, dark wood tones, and gentle curves but now, it allows room for a touch of fun. Remember: Be classic and tasteful but don’t forget to cherish your youth. Feel free to steal this quote as your life motto as well 😉

Now let’s talk about the traditionalist design…

Create a space that’s welcoming and warm by choosing paint colors such as dark red, grey, and tan. Incorporate a touch of personality by including an accent wall. You can stick to the traditionalist color pallet, after all… that’s who you are! Maybe you paint the space a dark beige but leave one wall out, covering it instead with a warm blue hue. Then, use your accent wall to draw attention to your favorite oil painting or plush accent chair. Add depth by introducing an organic tone to your space, such as mahogany, oak or cherry wood and don’t shy away from allowing the organic tones to be appreciated in many forms. Consider an oak chest, cherry bookcase, or even mahogany beams as sources for organic decoration. Enjoy patterns and mixed colors. Tile with brown and beige hues can be mixed and matched to create detailed back-splashes in the kitchen and glossy, pebbled mosaics on the family room fireplace.

Now onto the most important and quite frankly, OUR favorite part of the traditionalist home… your lighting fixtures. With all of the warm tones and rich hues, lighting provides an avenue for a fresh, bright break from the dark hues. However, unlike other styles, traditional lighting fixtures don’t need to be the star of the show instead, they take on a more refined, practical personality.

But hear us once more: Being refined and practical does NOT mean boring and dull.

Here’s how to find lighting that’s elegant, timeless, and youthful.

The beauty of traditional lighting lies in the subtle yet intricate details of each fixture. Whether it’s gentle curves combined with straight lines or delicate crystals draping the the base, traditional lighting spares no expense when it comes to embellishment. For example, view the Cadence lantern below. Detail is jam packed into this large, exterior lantern. From the cool, coil up at the very top to the simple, curved design covering the glass, it’s intricate yet surprisingly uncluttered. This lantern is sure to not only catch the eye but maintain it’s attention as we fixate on every little detail. Oil Rubbed Bronze is the go-to finish for traditional lighting fixtures. This finish meshes well with the dark tones typically used within a traditional home however, if you’re looking for a fixture that will naturally brighten up the space, consider using a Brushed Nickel finish. We love the subtle look of the Mod Pod chandelier. It’s Brushed Nickel finish is slight yet adds just the right amount of bright flair to a traditional space. Fabric and glass shades provide natural dimming and texture to any space thus adding a sense of tranquility and comfort. For this purpose we have selected the Bedford wall sconce with a Pompei glass shade that adds sophistication through it’s unique shape. Lastly, don’t forget the grand entrance! Make a statement by placing a large, detail-oriented pendant in your walkway and/or a stunning, dripped-in-crystal chandelier in your dining room. We’ve picked the Chateau pendant and Allaire chandelier for a traditional grand entrance that’s sure to wow your guests!

Stay classy, traditionalists!