As we age, our eyes can change drastically. Even those who have perfect vision at 20 can have problems by 40, and the older you get, the harder it is to distinguish colors, see distances, and read small fonts. In order to remain active and independent, it might be necessary for senior citizens to update the lighting in their home. At Accent Lighting in Wichita, we have several fixture options that provide the light output that aging eyes need, and we would love to help you find the lamps, lights, and bulbs that give you the illumination you need.

Finding the Right Light for Each Room

Someone who is 65 needs approximately twice the light to see that they did at 20, and their eyes can be much more sensitive to glare, so it’s important that those brighter lights have the appropriate shades and hoods on them. If you’re noticing that’s it becoming harder to see in a certain room or area of your house, or you’ve observed an elderly relative having trouble reading or seeing, there are upgrades you can make.

The Bathroom

When you’re younger, seeing while shaving or putting on makeup isn’t too difficult, but as your eyes age, they’ll need more lumens to see while getting ready in the morning. Picking new vanity bulbs with higher light output can make it much easier to see while standing or sitting at the bathroom counter, but be sure to check the fixture’s wattage levels so you don’t exceed it. Switching from incandescent to CFL bulbs can also increase your lumens while decreasing the wattage.

The Hallway

One thing that many people worry about as they age is falling and hurting themselves in their home. This can often happen as they’re navigating a hallway, and they don’t see an upturned corner of a runner rug, or they misjudge where the wall is when they turn a corner. By updating the bulbs in your hallway fixtures, you can eliminate shadows that can pose risks. Changing the paint color to a lighter shade can also help the area feel larger and easier to see down as one walks from the front door to the living room.

Reading Areas

If you love to read, but have found it harder and harder as you age, consider adding another floor or table lamp in your reading nook, or changing the bulb to one with higher lumens. Even if you upgrade to large-print books for easier reading, more light is always better and can reduce the eye strain that will set in more quickly as you age. Also, don’t forget that the sun is a powerful source of ambient light, so if you can sit in a sunny, comfortable spot to read, it might be your best choice!

If you’re concerned about seeing properly in your home, one of the best places to start is the lighting. By adding new bulbs and updating your fixtures, you can increase the visibility in certain rooms while not increasing your monthly energy bill. At Accent Lighting, we would love to help you discover your new lighting solutions.