Dimmer switches and controls have been around for a few decades now, and many homeowners have discovered the convenience and functionality of having dimmers installed in their home. Whether you’re attempting to set a mood, finish a chore, or highlight a piece of decor, the right lighting controls are key to making your home more functional and inviting. If you’re adding new light fixtures to your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or another space in your house, dimmers, sensors, and modern controls can make a world of difference. At Accent Lighting in Wichita, we can help you find the ideal controls for your home.

The Living Room

The living room (or family room) is perhaps the one space where dimmer controls are used the most often. There are often several “zones” or areas within this room, and each zone will often have its own light fixtures. You may only need one zone on at a time, say when you’re watching TV or playing a board game with the family, and being able to dim or turn off lights in the areas you’re not using will create a better atmosphere, not to mention help you save on energy bills. You can also place sensors that automatically turn on the lights when you enter, and turn off when you leave, so those wall sconces and lamps won’t stay on when you’re not in the room. There’s also the possibility of controls that respond to voice commands, or that can be controlled through your smartphone, and you can make your home more sophisticated with a few simple upgrades.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is another space where dimmable lights are often desired. You need bright, functional light when you’re shaving or applying makeup in the morning, but you also want to lower the lights for that nice, warm bubble bath at the end of a long day. With the right touch sensors and dimmer switches, you can adjust your bathroom lights as needed, depending on the time of day and your current purpose in the space.

The Dining Room

You may not use your dining room as a formal space very often, but when you do, you want to set the right mood with the appropriate lighting. You may have a chandelier as the main light fixture, as well as sconces or lamps for accent lighting. If you have artwork that’s illuminated with track lighting, you’ll want to be able to adjust those levels during dinner. If you’re hosting an evening dinner party, lowering the lights in the chandelier and the sconces can create the perfect ambience.

If you’re looking for new lighting controls for your home, visit Accent Lighting today. We can show you a variety of options, and help you decide on which controls will be best for your living room, bathroom, dining room, and more. We’re proud to serve all of south central Kansas, and before you visit our store, you can look through options in our online catalog.

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