Your home might have lots of nooks and crannies, and you may have utilized some of them for storage or for displaying certain items. These nooks and crannies may have been a part of your home’s design, or you may have created them by building shelves or cabinets. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to have the proper lighting for these areas. At Accent Lighting in Wichita, we can help you find the perfect fixtures for these unique spaces, giving you the ability to illuminate your home in new and exciting ways.


Cabinets and Counters

The cabinets and counters in your home can create small nooks, especially when the cabinet is close to the floor or the counter extends to the corner of a room. Under cabinet lighting is a must-have for your kitchen or garage, but smaller fixtures can be a great choice for the bottom side of your cabinets, near the floor. Also, if your counter runs to the corner, where it meets another counter, you can be left with a dark spot where the two countertops intersect. Adding a light in this angle can make any space brighter and easier to use.

Shelves and Alcoves

You might have lots of books or a large curio collection that you have on display in your home. You’ve built shelves to hold these items, or you’ve utilized the natural alcoves in your house to display them. You may also have a piece of artwork or sculpture that you want to highlight, and you can’t do that without the proper lighting. LED light fixtures are a great option for shelves and alcoves, and you can illuminate the space above or below in order to focus on a certain spot, or to feature a specific piece on display. You may also have little nooks that you’ve built into your bedrooms that need lighting as well!

Indoor and Outdoor Stairs

While you may have thought about lighting your outdoor stairs, have you ever considered adding small lights to your indoor steps? Stairways leading up from the basement can look great with step lights, and you’ll be making it easier for people to see as they walk up or down the stairs. If you have unique woodwork or other details on your indoor steps, then think about how great it would look if there was a small string of lights under each tread. You can transform how your stairs appear simply by adding lights in the right places. Again, LED fixtures are a great option here, since they can be compact yet still produce plenty of light.

If you’re interested in lighting your home’s various nooks and crannies, then come to Accent Lighting in Wichita today. We have a fantastic selection of lights to choose from, and our expert showroom staff will gladly help you choose the best ones for your home. You can light up those spots that need it, and create the perfect look and feel in any room of your house.

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