Dimmer switches have changed how residential lighting looks and functions, and while basic controls have been around for decades, new dimmers have revolutionized how people use their lights. There are certain rooms in your home where they make sense, and others where it’s okay to go without them. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the reasons to install and use dimmer switches, and where they make the most sense to use.

Get the Most Out Of Your Bulbs

The first, and perhaps most obvious reason for using dimmer switches is that they can extend the life of your bulbs. While LED and CFL technology have already drastically changed the lifespan and efficacy of light bulbs, dimming your lights decreases the amount of power to each bulb, thus prolonging its life. If you still have incandescent or halogen bulbs in certain fixtures, dimmers can reduce the stress put on the filament. In rooms with multiple recessed lights, such as the living room or family room, dimming can be a great option.

Set the Right Mood

If you’re trying to create the right ambiance, either for watching a movie in your home theater area or for a romantic dinner in the dining room, dimming the lights can set the mood. The difference between a room at full light and a room at half light is easy to see, and let’s face it – your skin and hair look better in low, soft light. The room with dimmed light will be more cozy and inviting, and you’ll feel like spending more time there.

An Easy Upgrade

While it may seem expensive to transition all your traditional switches to dimmers, it’s really not that costly. Depending on the type and model you need, you will only spend around 20 dollars. The experts at Accent Lighting can recommend the proper controls based on your needs and specifications, and can even provide guidance on how to properly install your new dimmer switches. Remember, if you’re unsure about your skill working with electricity, it can be a good idea to hire a professional.

Where to Use and Where Not To

Certain rooms automatically lend themselves to dimmer controls. The living room or family room, where you watch TV and have artwork and decor on the walls, can greatly benefit from dimmers, and you can set the levels for movie night or soften the light on a certain painting or photograph. The bathroom can also be a good option for dimming, and you can lower the lights before you take a relaxing bubble bath at the end of a long day. For the bedroom, lowering the lights before turning in for the night can help your body relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Some areas where dimmers don’t make as much sense are the kitchen and the foyer. While it’s perfectly okay to install them in these rooms, you probably won’t use them as much, since it’s important to have bright, functional light in the kitchen by which you can work, and it’s important to have light to see by when you enter and exit your house.

If you have questions about dimmer switches, or you want to find the best products for your home fixtures, visit Accent Lighting in Wichita today!