At Accent Lighting in Wichita, we’ve helped countless homeowners across Kansas find the perfect lighting options, but our expertise doesn’t stop at residential lighting. If you own a commercial property such as a restaurant or hotel, we can help you find modern lighting options that will help you improve your current space, or provide fixtures for a new building that’s under construction. If you want your building’s interior and exterior to stand out, it all starts with the lighting.

The Foyer Chandelier

The first impression guests or patrons will have of the inside of your building comes from the entrance or foyer. Having the perfect chandelier will provide bright, inviting light that helps them see as they enter, as well as get a glimpse of the colors and decor that fill the space. It doesn’t matter if you own an office building or a five-star hotel – adding a chandelier to the foyer will make a great first impression.

Lights for Every Room

We understand that with a new construction project or remodel, you’re going to need lights for every room. With a hotel, that means new fixtures for perhaps 200 rooms, not to mention the lobby and other large areas. We can help you find affordable options that fit your budget and match your stylistic preferences. For restaurants and other buildings with large open spaces, we can help you find those fixtures that make your business memorable and unique.

Our staff of lighting experts has more than 175 years of combined experience, and has worked with commercial property owners of all kinds. If you’re building a new hotel, restaurant, or office in the Wichita area, come see us today!

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