If you’ve been thinking about building a game room for some time, you’ve probably planned it all out in your head, or perhaps you’ve put pen to paper and drawn a rough design. You may have even sat down with an interior designer or architect to create professional plans for the room. Whatever the case may be, the lighting in your game or rec room is one of the most important aspects, and the team at Accent Lighting in Wichita can help you find the perfect fixtures.

When planning your room, it can be helpful to think about each area and what type of lighting you’ll need for each one.

The Seating Area

Your idea for a seating area might be plush chairs around a table, or maybe you’re thinking about a large couch that’s positioned in front of a big screen TV. Regardless of the configuration, you’ll want the seating area to have adequate light from both ambient and accent fixtures. An overhead light such as a semi-flush fixture or small chandelier can illuminate your seating area, and putting the fixture on a dimmer switch will let you set the levels and create the appropriate mood. Table and floor lamps are also a great addition for accent lighting.

The Game Area

Depending on what your game area consists of – a pool table, air hockey table, or perhaps vintage pinball machines – you’ll want to plan your lighting accordingly. A traditional pool table or island light can be great above the billiards area, but it won’t work as well above a pinball machine. Recessed lighting can be a good choice, but you’ll want to be sure that they don’t create glare on top of the pinball machine glass. The machines themselves will be giving off their own light, so fewer fixtures in this area can be a good design choice.

The Bar Area

If you have plans for a bar area in your game room, you want to be sure the lighting is just right. Recessed lighting above the bar can highlight the woodwork and countertop, and if you have a traditional bar with shelves, LED strips that highlight your selection of bottles can add the touch of class that you want. If you have the space, hanging a pendant fixture or two above the countertop will bring the light closer to the workspace as you pour drinks and mix cocktails. You’ll just want to be sure that they’re not in the way as you stand or sit at the bar.

If you’re renovating your basement into a game room, or you’ve included it in your plans for your new house, let Accent Lighting help you find the right fixtures for the space. We have chandeliers, pendant lights, recessed fixtures, and much more that can make your game room exactly what you want it to be.

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