When picking out new light fixtures, it can be challenging to decide what size of light is right for each room of your home. If you pick a light that’s too small, the ceiling can appear too large, not to mention the fixture won’t produce enough light to illuminate the space. If you choose a light that’s too big, it can overwhelm the room and make the space too bright. At Accent Lighting in Wichita, we can help you choose the perfect fixtures based on the measurements of the rooms in your home.

The Dining Room

If you’re updating your dining room lighting, you want to be sure that the new fixture doesn’t loom large over the table, or hang too low so it encroaches on the table (or cause people to bump their heads when they sit down or stand up). If you’re installing one fixture, you’ll want it to be centered over the table, and for it to have a diameter one foot narrower than the table’s width. As far as height, the light should be at least 30 inches above the table. If you have tall ceilings (eight feet or higher), add three inches to the hanging height per foot (so if your ceilings are nine to 10 feet high, hang your light between 33 and 40 inches above the table). For the diameter of the fixture, always remember that the wider and longer the room, the wider and longer the fixture should be. For example, a room that measures 10’ x 10’ would benefit the most by a light that’s approximately 20 inches in diameter.

The Entryway

People get their first impression of your home from the entryway. If the chandelier or pendant fixture is hung too low, they could be greeted with blinding light, not to mention the space will feel much smaller. If the fixture is too high, the lower level of the space will appear darker, and the room may feel too big. The diameter of the fixture isn’t as important here as it is in the dining room, but the height of the fixture itself is integral. You’ll want to have three inches of fixture height for every foot of ceiling height, so if your entryway has 10-foot ceilings, you’ll want a light that is 30 inches high.

The Living Room

Chandeliers and other hanging fixtures can look great in your living room, especially if you’re able to hang multiple lights that define specific areas of the room. If you’re only hanging one light, be sure to center it in the middle of the room, and put it at a height that will keep it above people’s heads. You may not have too many seven-foot people in your home, but that’s a good height to start with, since you never know when a tall person will come to visit. Any lower and it can feel like the light is encroaching on your sitting area.

If you have questions about the right size of light fixtures and what the proper height is to hang them, visit our showroom today!