It can often become the forgotten fixture, tucked behind your easy chair or couch, and only turned on at random times. The floor lamp is a versatile, albeit underused, home lighting fixture, and having the perfect one can make your living room or family room more functional and more stylish. At Accent Lighting in Wichita, we have fantastic floor lamp options, and can help you select the ideal fixture. The right type of lamp will depend on your need – task or accent lighting.

Lamps for Task Lighting

Floor lamps for task lighting are those fixtures that focus light downward, providing illumination for reading, writing, and other activities where you want to avoid eye strain. One of our most popular lamps for task lighting is the Bonnet Floor Lamp, with its simple arc, white linen shade, and compact design. It can easily fit next to your favorite chair or spot on the couch.

Lamps for Accent Lighting

Upward-focused floor lamps are better for accent lighting, or illuminating that corner of the room that the ceiling fixture’s light doesn’t reach. The light from this lamp will hit the ceiling, making it less than ideal for reading or other tasks. It’s important to match the design and style of your floor lamp with the style and decor of the room, making sure it complements the room’s ambiance. Our Hamilton Tall Floor Lamp is a great choice, as it directs soft, glowing light upward to the ceiling.

If you’re shopping for new floor lamps because your current lamps have stopped working or are beginning to look outdated, come to Accent Lighting today for outstanding home lighting options.