When people think of chandeliers, they often think of ornate palaces where crystal fixtures hang from gilded ceilings. While this is an accurate depiction of the traditional chandelier, this light fixture has changed quite a bit over the centuries. A French word, “chandelier” literally means “candle holder,” and for hundreds of years, that’s exactly what it did. Long before the advent of electricity, aristocrats and royalty would light their foyers and grand ballroom with candles placed in elaborate fixtures hanging from the ceiling. At Accent Lighting in Wichita, we may not have options that would fit the style of a 14th century French palace, but we have fixture options for homeowners looking to add a bit of class to their residence.

Changing with the Times

Many of the first chandeliers were made out of wood, as this was an abundant and easily harvested resource. While the first fixtures were simply crossed wooden beams that held a candle at each end, craftsmen and artisans soon began carving unique shapes and decorations into each fixture, and these chandeliers could be found in homes, churches, and on ships. As metals, such as brass, and glass became more abundant and easier to work with, chandeliers were soon being made out of crystal and on a much larger scale. People saw crystal chandeliers as a status symbol, and if you could afford to put one in your home, you were truly someone to know. Every country, from Italy to France to the Netherlands, had their own distinct chandelier styles.

When people began lighting their lanterns with gas around the beginning of the 19th century, chandeliers were converted to use this new fuel source instead of relying solely on match and flame. When the light bulb entered the world in the late 19th century, chandeliers underwent another change, and chandelier makers began creating amazing fixtures that utilized this new technology while hearkening back to traditional designs.

Today, there are many styles to choose from, including Art Deco and Victorian-inspired chandeliers, as well as modern designs that incorporate straight lines and right angles, instead of the ornate curves and decoration of early chandeliers. Whatever your preference and whatever style you’re looking for, Accent Lighting can help you find it!

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