Table and floor lamps are versatile lighting fixtures, as they can provide illumination where you need it most, without having to worry about a dedicated light. If you have a corner of the living room that could use more light, or you’re tired of working without a desk lamp, then let Accent Lighting in Wichita help you find the appropriate solutions for your home. We have a great selection to choose from, and we know you’ll love what you find in our lighting showroom.

The Living Room

Whether you’re designing and building a new living room, or you simply want to update the room you have, lamps can play a very important role. You may want to create a seating area that’s off to the side of the room, and all you have in that spot for lighting are a couple of wall sconces. With a well-positioned floor lamp, you can brighten the space and make it the perfect area for conversation, or for sitting and reading your favorite book.

The Dining Room

When you think of the dining room, you often think of chandeliers. While you may have a chandelier as the central fixture in the space, a small table or desk lamp on a side table can add lighting at eye level and make the space brighter and more inviting. If you have a buffet or serving table, small lamps at both ends can provide symmetry that helps complete the room’s overall design.

The Bedroom

No bedroom is complete without bedside lamps, but if you have fixtures that are too small or too large for your nightstands, then it might be time to upgrade. If you’re always knocking the lamp over when you attempt to turn it off, or you can’t find the switch in the dark when you want to turn it on, then let us help you find options that are more ideal for your home. You’re going to use these lamps virtually every night you’re home, so why not make sure they’re the perfect fit?

The Home Office

Working from home can be quite convenient, but if you’re relying solely on the overhead light for your workspace, then you could be straining your eyes unnecessarily and causing yourself more harm than good. Adding a suitable desk lamp will not only help with eye strain, it will also eliminate unwanted shadows on your desk and make it more enjoyable to type, write, draw, or do whatever you need to do for your job.

If you’re looking for new lamps for your home, then come to Accent today and see what we have to offer. As your premier lighting showroom in Wichita, we can help you choose new lamps for every room in your house that needs them, and we’ll gladly explain the features of any fixture that you choose. We’re proud to serve south central Kansas, and we’re here Monday through Saturday to help you. Call us at (316) 202-6300, or use the button below to get in touch with a member of our team.

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