If you have an eye for design, you most likely feel comfortable tackling the decor planning and layout for your new home. If you feel that you aren’t quite capable of choosing the perfect accents and furnishings, you may hire an interior designer to help. Regardless of your design and layout capabilities, having another pair of eyes looking at the spaces in your home can be very beneficial. If you’re able to find a designer whose personality meshes with yours, the experience can be that much more enjoyable. At Accent Lighting in Wichita, we know that not every person’s experience with an interior designer is enjoyable, but there are some things you can do to make the process much smoother, no matter if you have a cooperative or demanding designer.

Give Them A Sense of Your Style

An interior designer should get to know their customer, not just the colors and shapes they like for their home. By expressing your interests and sharing your personality, you can give your designer a better sense of what you will like in your house. After all, you are the one who has to look at every piece of decor on a daily basis! It can be helpful to go through your house and explain to your designer what the purpose of each room will be, and what you see you and your family doing in each space.

Give Them Options

Some people are perfectly happy to give their designers free rein to find decor and furnishings for their home. While this does give a designer freedom, it doesn’t give them much direction. They may find something fantastic, but they may also find something you absolutely hate, which can put a strain on the professional relationships. If you have a piece of artwork or a favorite picture that has a certain color or theme to it, use it as inspiration to give your designer several options. From that starting point, they can remain focused on finding decor you’ll absolutely love.

If you’re working on designing your new home, either by yourself or with an interior designer, come to Accent Lighting for exceptional decor choices. We have indoor fountains, sculptures, artwork, and more, giving you a great place to start and your interior designer plenty of categories from which to choose. Before you know it, your new home will be decorated and you’ll love spending as much time in each room as you can!

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