When picking out new home decor, it often makes the most sense to go room by room, planning each space around a theme or a particular focal point. At Accent Lighting, our interior design experts have helped many new homeowners find the decor they wanted, and on several occasions, have helped them discover a piece around which they could plan a specific room. If you’re decorating a new home in Wichita, let us assist you with all your decor choices!

Room by Room

Going room by room can help you manage your decor choices, instead of picking out a piece here and there that might fit with your design theme. We’ll look at a few rooms below to help you get started.

Living Room: This room is where you will spend most of your time, and you want it to be a comfortable and inviting space. If you have the color of the room picked out, or the walls are already painted, consider finding a few pieces of decor that complement that color or provide a pattern that matches the texture on the wall.

Bathroom: A minimalist approach can often work well for your bathroom, since you don’t want the space to feel cluttered or overcrowded with decor. One or two small pieces of decor in a solid color that complements the room can make the space feel more relaxing.

Kitchen: Your kitchen has plenty of functional items in it already, and adding one or two decorative items can help the space feel more complete. Adding a decorative bowl or centerpiece to your island can add the perfect touch to your kitchen.

When you’re shopping for new home decor, make your first choice Accent Lighting!