Anyone who owns a home knows how great it is to pull up in the evening and have the welcoming glow of the porch light greet you. You may have just come home from vacation or a long business trip, and that shining light on the front of your house lets you know you’re finally home.

When you have guests over after sunset, the porch light is what lets them know that you’re home, and if the kids are playing outside, they know it’s time to come in when the porch light and the streetlights come on. At Accent Lighting in Wichita, we’ve helped many homeowners find the perfect porch light, and our selection of exterior lighting has something for everyone.

Picking a Style

You might not be completely updating the exterior of your house, but you might be searching for a new porch light. Your current fixture might look a bit outdated, or perhaps there’s something wrong with it and it won’t turn on when it’s supposed to. Regardless of the circumstances, we can show you a number of styles that fit the front of your house and will make the right statement when guests come to visit. You can choose from hanging fixtures, lantern options, and sconce-style lights.

Picking a Size

If you’ve ever visited a friend’s house and the first thing you noticed was how big the porch light was, then you know how important the right size of the fixture can be. The porch light doesn’t have to be big and overpowering but instead should provide adequate illumination so that people can see as they approach the front door, and to accentuate the design and architecture of your home’s entrance. You also don’t have to stick to one fixture – placing a light on either side of the door can provide the perfect design touch and balance for your porch.

Timers and Dimming Controls

Whereas parents used to have to turn on the porch light at night or leave it on while they were at work all day so it’d be on when they got home, now your exterior lights can be placed on timers and dimmer controls. This allows homeowners to set the exact time they want the light to come on and makes it easy to adjust the level on a particularly foggy or stormy night. Timers are easy to reprogram as well, so when Daylight Savings Time begins or ends, you can adjust what time your porch light comes on.

If your exterior lighting could use an upgrade – particularly your porch light – come to Accent in Wichita today. We love showing people our numerous options and seeing when they discover that perfect light. With a new porch light, you can feel the joy of arriving home after a long trip, and provide adequate light for friends and family who visit your home.

Stop by our showroom at 2020 N Woodlawn today, or contact us to learn more about our outdoor lighting. We look forward to helping you!