When building a new home, there is quite a lot that goes into the architectural and design plans. You spend a lot of time poring over each detail, deciding how large each room will be, how the floorplan will be laid out, and how each space will function.

If an outdoor seating area or deck is a major part of your new home plan, it’s important to consider how much time you will spend out there. If you plan to spend several hours out there each week, an outdoor ceiling fan can be a great addition. We know that fixtures might be the furthest thing from your mind, especially if construction has just begun on your new home, but it won’t be long before you’re picking out lights, ceiling fans, and more.

Beating the Heat and Humidity

Summers in the Wichita area can get rather hot and humid, and while you may not want to sit on your deck during the heat of the day, it can be the perfect spot once the sun has begun to set and the birds and insects start to sing. A covered deck or patio can shade you from the sun, should you want to sit out there on weekend afternoons, but it can also restrict airflow through your space. With an outdoor and damp-rated ceiling fan, you can properly circulate air and stay cool, even during the warmest days.

It’s the perfect time to begin thinking about the fixtures for your new home, including fans for your outdoor seating area. If you’re building a new home this year and it will be finished before winter, come to Accent Lighting for expert advice and an extensive selection of fans and fixtures.

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