If you’ve been dreaming about white subway tile, distressed antique decor, and of course… walls covered in ship-lap, then you’ve landed on the right blog post! Creating the farmhouse style is all about simplicity and functionality. White color palates, rich wood tones, and organic accents create airy, clean spaces complete with loads of texture. But don’t make the mistake of dismissing the power of lighting when dreaming up your charming, country space. Use lighting to highlight each and every pretty element you you incorporate into your farmhouse.

Don’t know where to begin? Start but searching for simple fixtures that feature clean metal lines, unique shapes, and rich wood tones. Fixture finishes play a vital role in the overall design so choose your color wisely! Opt for finishes titled Antique Bronze and Gold that will create a faux-antique vibe and tie in well with the rest of your weathered accents. Be sure not to dismiss the little things when selecting lighting. Even the light-bulb can be featured as a design statement! Use Edison Bulbs in various shapes and sizes to add an additional chic element to your fixture. Happy designing!