Be inspired. Bring the elegant and sheer splendor of Upper East Side New York City and the Arrondissement of Paris to your very own space. So go ahead, live the grand life. Let us help you create a polished, crown-worthy space.

The sophisticated life centers around sleek design, lavish drapes, and ornate elements. First, we suggest selecting statement pieces such as an over-sized, antique gold mirror in the powder room or a detail-oriented mantel adorning the hearth. Then, select accessories that accentuate and highlight the main design element such as spa-inspired candles and fresh flowers or brass hardware and gold figurines. Personally, the accessory phase is our absolute favorite. Why? Because this is the prime time to embellish the space with chic chandeliers and pendants… and truthfully, we just love grand fixtures that sparkle! The Penn pendant and New York crystal chandelier dress any space in glitz and glam, instantly adding the element of richness every luxurious connoisseur dreams about.

Designers of luxury mix natural elements such as glass, marble, stone, and fine wood with silken fabrics and furnishings. By doing this, the design itself becomes a statement of strength and endless beauty. Lighting fixtures clothed in bright finishes such as Silver Ridge and Brushed Nickel celebrate sparkle and provide vitality to the space. We adore the Bijou flush-mount and Caress wall-sconce for their shimmering crystals and layered glass fashion. They are sure to catch the eye and provide subtle yet compelling sophistication.

When dressing up your high-life living space, don’t neglect the importance of accessorizing the very heart of your home. Your kitchen is where guests will spend a majority of their time so be sure to fancy it up as well. Crystal island chandeliers and pendants are not only practical sources of light but also a design element, gracing your kitchen with radiance and elegance. Cover your kitchen in marble, stone, and etched glass and let it all shine by the light of the Fashionable Broadway linear chandelier. It dangles it’s crystal above the center of your kitchen island and is sure to leave an impression on your guests.

When it comes down to designing your luxurious abode here are some final lighting suggestions:

1) Choose lighting fixtures that shimmer and reflect (AKA crystals and bright finishes).
2) Treat lighting as another design element- look for fixtures that will either spotlight your statement pieces or instantly become the focal point within the space.
3) Do not neglect the value of lighting.

Stay fancy, luxury lovers!