In our last few posts, we’ve covered building your bathroom, your game room, your kitchen, and more. Once you’ve updated the lighting in all of these rooms, the only space you have left to tackle is the dining room. While you may not use this space except for formal occasions, your dining room lighting is a very important part of the room’s design. At Accent Lighting in Wichita, we can help you find the perfect chandelier, sconces, and much more!

The Dining Room Chandelier

While you may not be in the market for a large, ornate dining room chandelier, you still want a central fixture that will set the tone for the room. We can help you choose the appropriate fixture, and we’ll provide advice on how to hang and install the chandelier properly. You’ll want it to be the right size for the table, since a fixture that’s too small or too large can feel out of place in the room. You’ll also want the bottom of the chandelier to be at least 30 inches above the tabletop, so that people can see those across from them while seated.

Choosing New Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a great choice for your home’s hallway or living room, but they can also be ideal for your living room. You don’t want the chandelier to be the only light source in the room, and well-placed sconces can provide illumination for the middle and lower portions of the space. You can have them direct light upwards and downwards, or you can cover them with a shade and have them provide diffused light that positively impacts the room’s ambiance.

Adding Track and Accent Lighting

Your dining room might be the perfect spot for that painting you purchased at your favorite gallery last year, and have left sitting in storage since that time. If you’re redecorating the space to make room for the painting, then it’s imperative to make sure you have the proper lighting for it. Track lighting can be a good option, or you can opt for a single picture light that attaches to the painting’s frame. This accent lighting should draw a person’s eye to your decor, whether that’s a painting on the wall or a piece of sculpture in the corner.

At Accent, our team is committed to helping you find the right dining room lighting, no matter if you have a grand space with a large table, or you have a small, intimate room where a few friends or family members can gather to celebrate the holidays. With our selection of chandeliers, sconces, and more, you’re sure to find the fixtures that meet your needs and create the room you’ve always wanted.

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