Thus far in our series on adding new lighting in your home, we’ve talked about building and designing your new game room, bedroom, kitchen, and living room. In this, our last post of the series, we’ll cover your bathroom and how you can create the perfect space for showering, pampering, and getting ready for work in the morning or for bed in the evening. At Accent Lighting in Wichita, we’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect bathroom lighting options, so if you’re shopping for new fixtures, visit our store today!

The Master Bathroom

Since you’re likely working on building and designing your master bathroom, that is what we’ll focus on in this post, rather than the guest bathroom or powder room off of the front hallway. When it comes to your master bath, there are three main areas to consider: the vanity area, the toilet area, and the shower/bathtub area.

The Vanity Area

You’ve waited a long time to have a vanity with double sinks and plenty of light, and it’s important to choose the proper fixtures for your new bathroom. Putting lights above and to each side of the mirror will give you the illumination you need when you’re brushing your teeth, putting on makeup, or shaving. You’ll eliminate unwanted shadows on your face, and you’ll be able to complete your personal hygiene tasks comfortably.

The Toilet Area

Your master bathroom may have a separate water closet so that a person can have privacy when using the toilet. A sliding or swinging door is often used to close the water closet when in use, and you don’t want to be left in the dark once the door is shut. While no one will see the fixture but yourself and your spouse or partner, it can be fun to add a small hanging pendant in the water closet. You could opt for a wall sconce instead, but if the space is small (and it likely is), a recessed fixture is often your best bet. That way, the fixture doesn’t hang or protrude into the space, making it seem smaller than it actually is.

The Shower/Tub Area

You use your shower each morning before work, and you likely use the tub to take a nice long soak at the end of a long day. Showering helps you wake up, while bathing helps you unwind, but the lighting for this area should be adequate for both purposes. If you have a shower and tub combo, make sure there is at least one recessed light above it that is controlled by a separate switch. If the tub and shower are separate, install lights above each spot, and add dimmer controls for the tub fixtures. Each fixture should be rated for bathroom use, and you’ll want to be sure that you have the proper ventilation fan above the shower/tub area.

Building and designing your new bathroom doesn’t have to be a challenge, and with the right lighting, you can create the spa-like atmosphere and ambiance that you truly want. At Accent Lighting, we can show you a number of great fixtures, and we’ll gladly answer your questions regarding your new bathroom lighting.

Visit our store in Wichita today for bathroom light fixtures that will take your breath away. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new home, remodeling the one you live in, or you simply want to update the old fixtures that the previous owners left behind – we can help you find the appropriate options.

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